Carrigslaney free range farm

Locally Sourced X Crafted with care


Our Product

The difference in taste between free range pork and factory farmed pork is distinct and you'll realize that when you take a bite from one of one of our beautiful hot dogs or burgers.

To accompany a high quality meat we believe its important to use high quality bread, toppings and sauces. That's why we insist on Heinz tomato ketchup, French's mustard and Ballymaloo tomato relish. we also use freshly fried onions opposed to dried onions.

Our bread comes from family bakery Walsh's Bakehouse in Waterford city. Here the bread is handmade using the best ingredients and care. We drive down weekly to ensure fresh rolls and blaas for the market over the weekend.



Marlay Farmers Market.

Dún Laoighre-Rathdown County Council Host a weekly farmers market in Marlay Park. Here vendors come from all around the country to sell their produce. There is a variety of stalls at the market ranging from hot food to arts and crafts vendors. 

 We have been trading at Marlay for over two years and have amassed a following of devoted weekly food lovers. 

We would be delighted get the chance to allow you to taste our product which we work hard for and are truly proud of. So please come to Marlay and try our freshly prepared free range hot dogs and burgers.






16 grange road


Dublin 16



sunday 10;00 am – 4.00 pm


The Farm

Carrigslaney farm is nestled deeply in the picturesque Slaney Valley in rural county Carlow near the village of Ardattin. Our farm produces the highest quality free range pork. 

Our pigs are kept in a 4 acre field and at any one time there are 35 pigs on the farm. By keeping our number relatively small we are able to ensure that the pigs receive the best possible care. Our pigs remain outdoors all their lives just as nature intended. The pigs do not receive any antibiotics or hormones. Outdoor pigs do not need as much human intervention as indoor pigs as the risk of infection spreading in an outdoor herd is greatly reduced due to lower stocking rates and the fresh air ! 

We do not dock our pigs tails or cut our pigs teeth as we simply do not need to. These processes are carried out in intensive indoor units due to the boredom pigs face in being cooped up 24 hours a day. Boredom can lead to tail biting which in turn can lead to infection. Our pigs spend all of their days roaming the fields and digging until their hearts are content. At night the pigs sleep in their huts which are dry and bedded which fresh straw twice every week. Pigs are highly intelligent and very social animals and will mostly stick together in their pens. Take a look at some of our pigs and their homes in our Gallery Section. .